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Holistic Healing Center

sl-3The Holistic Healing Center offers services that promote total body wellness. Our services are performed in a friendly, caring and professional manner in order to bring about optimal health & healing.

For body detoxification we offer Colon Hydrotherapy and the Ion Cleanse, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hair Analysis and Heavy Metal Detox programs as well as individualized all-inclusive Bio-Nutritional Programs that address Heavy Metal Toxicity as well as nutrient imbalances.


sl-4For energy balancing, relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief we offer Massage Therapy, Reiki and Acupuncture.

For Rejuvenation we offer deep pore cleansing facials, Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation and Contouring Lypossage. We also offer Smoking Cessation and Weight loss Programs, Point Injections, Multi-B Complex and Homeopathic Injections.

sl-1Selling a full line of natural personal hygiene and Skin care products as well as products which promote digestive health and also complement our programs and services. You can also purchase our proprietary vitamin and nutrient formulas, relaxation and meditation CD's, books and music downloads through our secure shopping cart. Come visit us at our center in North Miami Beach, Florida and experience our Professional services first hand.logo-style4. MINE

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Omega Fatty AcidsStudies have shown that fish oils with at least 3 grams of EPA and DHA offer significant cardiovascular and digestive benefits. Despite these clinical studies many fish oil supplements do not supply this level of active ingredient. Our formulation exceeds the recommended dose and offers the following benefits: Mercury-free, Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels, Helps maintain normal triglyceride levels, Promotes healthy blood pressure levels, Promotes health digestive system, Helps maintain healthy blood flow, Support circulatory and vascular health, Promotes cardiovascular health, Helps maintain health levels of C-reactive protein, Promotes healthy complexion, Enhances mood by promoting healthy brain cell development.
MENTAL CLARITYThe amino acid combination of this proprietary formulation are essential for restoring and rebuilding proper brain functioning. Continued use restores the energy, promotes clarity of thought and improves focus and mental acuity. Energy drives all biological, physiological and chemical reactions in the body. Our intricate balance of food supplements with the proper quantity of vitamins, amino acids and herbs results in efficient energy production. Memory deterioration is a result of insufficient supply of nutrients combined with increased free radical activity and poor circulation. Nutrients such as Vitamin B, amino acids and Ginkgo Biloba help to enhance memory by improving circulation and brain function.
Multi Copy 2This formulation supplies essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to support tissue repair and restoration and is fortified with probiotics and digestive enzymes to support healthy digestion, absorption and elimination.  The Multi-Vitamin Mineral formula helps to balance the nervous system and strengthen the whole body.  The proper combination of minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins is essential for healthy, normal metabolism, growth and longevity.  The whole food vitamins in our formula supply individual cells with the nutrients they need to flourish.
Anti-Anxiety / Sleep FormulaThis blend of ingredients is designed to help enhance peace and serenity when taken in low dosages. The ingredients are designed to mitigate or diminish the body’s stress response and therefore lessen the detrimental effects of stress. At a higher dosage, it may be taken in the evening to support restful sleep. The Anti-Anxiety/Sleep formula calms the nervous system and helps to establish a healthy sleep patter. Sleep deprivation interrupts the natural restoration cycle and robs the body of nutrients, causing serious deterioration in performance of body functions. Healthy rest and sleep cycles improve the body’s immune response and ability to heal. The supplements in our formula aid the body in achieving a deeper and more restful sleep.