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Neuro-psychopharmacogenetics and Neurological Antecedents of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Unlocking the Mysteries of Resilience and Vulnerability.

Bowirrat A, Chen TJ, Blum K, Madigan M, Bailey JA, Chuan Chen AL, Downs BW, Braverman ER, Radi S, Waite RL, Kerner M, Giordano J, Morse S, Oscar-Berman M, Gold M.Curr Neuropharmacol. 2010 Dec; 8 (4):335-58.



Generational Association Studies of Dopaminergic Genes in Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) Subjects: Selecting Appropriate Phenotypes for Reward Dependence Behaviors

Kenneth Blum Amanda LC Chen, Marlene Oscar-Berman, Thomas JH Chen, Joel Lubar, Nancy White, Judith Lubar, Abdalla Bowirrat, Eric Braverman, John Schoolfield, Roger L Waite, Bernard W Downs, Margaret Madigan, David E Comings, Caroline Davis, Mallory M Kerner, Jennifer Knopf, Tomas Palomo, John J. Giordano, Siobhan A. Morse, Frank Fornari, Debmalya Barh, John Femino and John A Bailey. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2011.



Neurogenetics of dopaminergic receptor supersensitivity in activation of brain reward circuitry and relapse: proposing "deprivation-amplification relapse therapy" (DART).

Blum K, Chen TJ, Downs BW, Bowirrat A, Waite RL, Braverman ER, Madigan M, Oscar-Berman M, DiNubile N, Stice E, Giordano J, Morse S, Gold M.Postgrad Med. 2009 Nov;121(6):176-96. Review.



Do dopaminergic gene polymorphisms affect mesolimbic reward activation of music listening response? Therapeutic impact on Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS).

Blum K, Chen TJ, Chen AL, Madigan M, Downs BW, Waite RL, Braverman ER, Kerner M, Bowirrat A, Giordano J, Henshaw H, Gold MS.Med Hypotheses. 2010 Mar;74(3):513-20. Epub 2009 Nov 14.



Genetic Addiction Risk Score (Gars) Analysis: Exploratory Development of Polymorphic risk Alleles in Polydrug addicted males.

Blum k, Giordano j, Morse S, Liu Y, Tain J, Bowirrat A, Smolen A, Waite R, Down B, Madigan M, Kerner M, Fornari F, Barverman E, Miller D, Bailey J. IIOAB Vol1 (20 1-14.)



Neurogenetics and clinical evidence for the putative activation of the brain reward circuitry by a neuroadaptagen: proposing an addiction candidate gene panel map.

Chen TJ, Blum K, Chen AL, Bowirrat A, Downs WB, Madigan MA, Waite RL, Bailey JA, Kerner M, Yeldandi S, Majmundar N, Giordano J, Morse S, Miller D, Fornari F, Braverman ER.J Psychoactive Drugs. 2011 Apr-Jun; 43(2):108-27.



Test of variables of attention (TOVA) as a predictor of early attention complaints, an antecedent to dementia.

Braverman ER, Chen AL, Chen TJ, Schoolfield JD, Notaro A, Braverman D, Kerner M, Blum SH, Arcuri V, Varshavskiy M, Damle U, Downs BW, Waite RL, Oscar-Berman M, Giordano J, Blum K.Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2010 Oct 15; 6:681-90.



Overcoming qEEG abnormalities and reward gene deficits during protracted abstinence in male psychostimulant and polydrug abusers utilizing putative dopamine D? agonist therapy: part 2.

Blum K, Chen TJ, Morse S, Giordano J, Chen AL, Thompson J, Allen C, Smolen A, Lubar J, Stice E, Downs BW, Waite RL, Madigan MA, Kerner M, Fornari F, Braverman ER.Postgrad Med. 2010 Nov; 122(6):214-26.



Understanding the high mind Humans are still evolving genetically.

Blum K, Giordano J, Morse S, Bowirrat A, Madigan M, Downs W, Waite R, Kerner M, Damle U, Braverman ER, Bauer G, Femino J, Bailey J, Dinunile N, Miller D, Archer T, Simpatico T. The IIOAB Journal ISSN: 0976-3104 IIOAB-India Vol. 1; Issue 2; 2010 1-14.



Hypothesizing Synergy between Acupuncture/ Auriculotherapy and Natural Activation of Mesolimbic Dopaminergic Pathways: Putative Natural Treatment Modalities for the Reduction of Drug Hunger and Relapse.

Kenneth Blum, John Giordano, Siobhan Morse, Arthur Anderson, Javier Carbajal, Roger Waite, Bernarld Downs, Jaclyn Downs, Margaret Madigan, Debmalya Barh, Eric Braverman IIOAB Letters Vol 1, No 1 (2011)



Genetic Addiction Risk Score(GARS): Testing for Polygentic Predisposition and Risk for Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS).

Blum K, Fornari F, Downs BW, Waite RL, Giordano J, Smolen A, Lui Y, Tain J, Majmundr N, Braverman ER. Chapter 19: in Gene Therapy Applications (Ed. C King) pages 327-362.



Correlation of the Taq1 Dopamine D2 Receptor Gene and Percent Body Fat in Obese and Screened Control Subjects: A Preliminary Report.

Chen Alc, Blu K, Chen TJH, Giordano J, Downs BW, Han D., Barh D., Braverman. Journal of Food & Function (J Royal Society of Chemistry) in press.



Can the chronic administration of the combination of buprenorphine and naloxone block doaminergic activity causing anti-reward and relapse potential?

Blum K, Chen TJh, Bailey J, Bowirrat A., Femino J, Chen ALC, Simpatico T, Morse S., Giordano J., Damle U, Kerner M, Braverman Er, Fornari F, Downs BW, Rector C, Barh D, Oscar-Berman M. Journal of Molecular Neurobiology (in Press).



The Marc ProTM Device Improves Muscle Performance and Recovery From Concentric and Eccentric Exercise Induced Muscle Fatigue In Humans: A Pilot Study

Wayne L. Westcott ,PhD, Thomas JH Chen, Gary Reinl, Nicholas Dinubile, MD, Abdalla Bowirrat,MD.,PhD, Margaret Madigan BSN, B. William Downs, B.Sc., John Giordano, MAC, PhD (Hon), Siobhan Morse, MHSA,Anish Bajaj DC, Eric Braverman, MD, Max Blakemore BS, Scott Whitehead,BA, Francis B Neric, MS, CSCS, Lester Sacks,MD,PhD, Kenneth Blum, PhD. 2011 Apr 14 (2), 55-67.



Exercise and Nutrition More Effective than Exercise Alone for Increasing Lean Weight and Reducing Resting Blood Pressure.

WestcottW, Varghesse J, Dinubile N, Moynih N, Loud RL, Whitehead S, Brothers S, Giordano J, Morse S, Madigan M, Blum K. Journal of Exercise Physiologistsonline. 2011Aug 14 (4), 120-133.



MarcProTM Device a Novel Paradigm Shift in Muscle Conditioning, Recovery And Performance: Induction of Nitric Oxide (NO) Dependent Enhanced Microcirculation Coupled with Angiogenesis Mechanisms.

Dinubile N, Westcott W, Reinl G, Balai A, Braverman ER, Madigan M, Giordano J, Blum K. Journal of Exercise Physiologistsonline Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. 2011 Oct 14 (5) 10-19.



Neuro-Genetics of Reward Deficiency Syndrome (Rds) as the Root Cause of “Addiction Transfer”: A New Phenomena Common after Bariatric Surgery

Kenneth Blum, John Bailey, Anthony Gonzales, Marlene–Oscar-Berman, Yijun Liu1, John Giordano, Eric Braverman and Mark Gold. Genet Syndr Gene Ther 2011, S:2



Healing enhancement of chronic venous stasis ulcers utilizing H-WAVE(R) device therapy: a case series.

Blum K, Chen AL, Chen TJ, Downs BW, Braverman ER, Kerner M, Savarimuthu S, Bajaj A, Madigan M, Blum SH, Reinl G, Giordano J, Dinubile N.Cases J. 2010 Feb 10;3:54.



Nutrigenomics of Neuradaptogen Amino-Acid-Therapy (NAAT): Overcoming Carbohydrate Bingeing and Overeating Through Neurometabolic Mechanisms.

Blum K, Bowirrat A, Downs BW, Waite RL, Giordano J, Morse S, Madigan M, Downs JM, Braverman ER, Polanin M, Simpatico T. Journal of Functional Food in Health and Chronic Disease.(in revision)



Early Intervention of Intravenous KB220IV- Neuroadaptagen Amino-Acid Therapy (NAAT)" Improves Behavioral Outcomes in a Residential Addiction Treatment Program: A Pilot Study.

Miller M, , Chen ALC, Stokes S, Silverman S, Manka M, Manka D, Miller D, Perrine K, Chen TJH, Bailey J, Downs BW, Damle U, Waite RL, Madigan M, Braverman, Kerner M, Giordano J, Oscar-Berman M, Blum K. J Psychoactive Drugs (in Press).



Depressed Dopamine Function in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Should Genotyping of Dopaminergic and Other Gene Polymorphisms Constitute Early Diagnosis in Children?

Blum K, Tucker D, Graham NA, Bailey J, Bowirrat A, Barh D, Giordano J, Braverman ER, Oscar-Berman M, Gold M. BMC-Advances in Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology: Review & Hypothesis9 (In Press).



Hypothesizing Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) as the root cause of "addiction transfer": A new phenomena common after bariatric surgery.

Blum K, Bailey J, Gonzales A, Liu Y, Stice E, Giordano J., Braverman E, Downs BW, Gold M. Obesity Surg (in review)



Diagnosis and Healing in Veterans Suspected of Suffering From Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Using Reward Gene Testing and Reward Circuitry Natural Dopaminergic Activation.

Blum k, Bailey J, Giordano J, Borsten J, Waite RL, Downs BW, Downs JM, Madigan M, Fornarii F., Simpatico T, Jones D, Braverman, Barh D. Canadian Medical Journal (in review).



Audio Therapy Significantly Attenuates Aberrant Mood in Residential Patient Addiction Treatment: Putative Activation of Dopaminergic Pathways in the Meso-Limbic Reward Circuitry of Humans.

Morse S, Giordano J, Perrine K, Downs BW, Waite RL, Madigan M, Bailey J, Braverman, Damle U, Simpatico T, Moelelr MD, Blum K. Journal of Addiction Therapy (in review)



Neuropsychiatric Genetics of Happiness, Friendships and Politics: Hypothesizing that "Birds of a Feather (Homophily)" Flock Together as a Function of "Reward Gene (s)" Polymorphisms.

Blum K, Oscar-Berman M, Bowirrat A, Giordano J, Madigan M, Braverman Er, Fornari F. Journal Political Science (submitted)



Neuropsychopharmacology and Neurogenetic Aspects of Executive Functioning: Are Humans "Hard Wired" To Achieve Appropriate Goals?

Bowirrat A, Amanda LCH, Madigan M, Chen TJH, Bailey J, Braverman ER, Kerner M, Giordano J , Morse S, Downs BW, Waite RL, Oscar ?Berman M, Blum K. Neuroscience Research (Submitted)



Quantitative Electroencephalography Analysis (qEEG) of Neuro-Electro-Adaptive Therapy 12" [NEAT12] Up-Regulates Cortical Potentials in an Alcoholic During Protracted Abstinence: Putative Anti-Craving Implications.

Waite RL, Allen C, Giordano J, Morse S, Bowirrat A, Downs BW, Madigan M, Braverman ER, Kerner M, Bailey J, Blum K. BMC-Journal of Medical Case Reports (in review)



Selecting Appropriate Phenotypes for Reward Dependence Behaviors.

Blum k, Chen ALCH, Chen TJH, Lubar J, White N, Lubar J, Bowirrat A, Braverman ER, Scholfield J, Waite RL, Downs BW, Madigan M, Comings DE, Davis C Kerner M, Palomo T, Stice E , Oscar-Berman M, Giordano J, Morse S, Bailey J. International Journal of environmental Research and Public Health (in review)



H-Wave Device Augments Healing by Inducing Cellular Mechanisms Responsible For Increased Blood Flow and Loading of Injured Tissue: A hypothesis Having implications for Clinical Practice.

Blum k, Chen TJH, Reinl G, Chen ALCH, Dinubile N, Madigan M, Downs BW, Bowirrat A, Bajaj A, Morse S, Giordano J, Westcott W, Smith L, Kerner M, Damle U, Barverman ER, Sacks L. BMC-Skeletal Muscle Disorders (submitted)



Withdrawal associated with buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) and evidence for a natural dopaminergic agonist [KB220Z] opioid substitution maintenance adjunct: A case report.

Blum K, Chen ALCH, Oscar-Berman M, Waite RL, Benya L, Chen TJH, Giordano J, Borste J, Downs BW, Madigan M, Braverman ER, Simpatico T, Fornari F, Barh D, Bailey J. Biological Psychiatry ( to be submitted).



Neuropsychopharmacology and Neurogenetic Aspects of Executive Functioning: Should Reward Gene Polymorphisms Constitute a Diagnostic Tool to Identify Individuals at Risk for Impaired Judgment ?

Bowirrat AB, Oscar-Berman-M, Madigan M, Bailey J, Bravrman ER, Giordano J, Morse S, Downs BW, Waite R, Fornari F, Blum K. Revised submitted to Molecular Neurobiology -should be accepted soon



Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N’ Roll: Hypothesizing Common Mesolimbic Activation as a Function of Reward Gene Polymorphisms.

Blum K, Werner T, Carnes S, Carnes P, Bowirrat AB, Giordano J, Oscar-Berman M, Gold M. Journal Psychoactive Drugs. (in Press) 2012



The Addictive Brain : All Roads Lead to Dopamine

Blum, K., Chen, LC., Giordano, J., Borsten, J., Chen, T., JH., Hauser, M., Simpatico, T., Femino, J., Braverman, E.R., Barh, D. Journal Psychoactive Drugs. 2012



Neuroquantum Theories of Psychiatric Genetics: Can Weak Forces Induce Epigentic Influence on Future Genomes

Braverman Er, Chen TJH, Waite Rl, Bowirrat A,Allen C, Yelandi S, Damle U, Madigan M, Giordano J, Downs BW, Dinubile N, Polamo T, Archer T, Blum K. Journal of Neuroquantology ( in process )



Sugar craving a world epidemic: Is there a nutrigenomic solution?

Blum K, Bagchi D, Barh D, Giordano J, Morse S, Downs BW, Waite RL, Downs JM, Madigan M , Ross –Coker C, Archer T, Braverman ER. Journal of Functional Foods. 2012 1(9) 310-378. .



Translational research to uncover diagnostic & therapeutic gene targets emerging in a genomic era: From bench to bedside.

Blum K, Giordano J, Borsten J, Downs BW, Hauser M, Simpatico T,Lohman R, Braverman ER, Barh D. Journal of Genetic Disorders & Disease Information. 1(1) 100e103 .2012.



Neurogentics and Nutrigenomics of Neuro-Nutrient Therapy for Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS): Clinical Ramifications as a function of Molecular Neurobiological Mechanisms. Omics Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy

Blum K, Oscar-Berman M, Stuller E, Miller D, Giordano J, Morse S, McCormick L, Downs BW, Wait RL, Barh D, Neal D, Braverman ER, Lohmann R, Borsten J, Hauser M, Han D, Liu Y, Simpatico T. (in press).



Neurogenetic impairments of brain reward circuitry links to Reward Deficiency syndrome (RDS): Potential Nutrigenomic Induced Dopaminergic Activation. Omics Journal of Geentic Syndromes & Geen Therapy

Blum K, Oscar-Berman, M, Giordano J, Downs BW, Simpatico T, Han D, Femino J (in press).



Long Term Suboxone™ Emotional Reactivity As Measured by Automatic Detection in Speech

Edward Hill, David Han, Pierre Dumouchel, Najim Dehak, Thomas Quatieri4, Charles Moehs5, Marlene Oscar-Berman6, John Giordano, Thomas Simpatico, and Kenneth Blum